About Us

Unily was founded on the 16th of july  2018 and it’s owned and managed by Paul Clement

unily.com.ng about us

The main focus of this website is to enlighten the world about all the latest news on scholarship, different dating sites and DIY posts on different tasks. All these are made with the intervention of Unily.com.ng

I was inspired by my constant love  for the education, Internet, Web design and showing people how to carry out some tasks on their own(DIY). These drove me to making  researches and gave me the morale to transform and reform my endless researches  into reality which is what I love doing.

This site is a transparent site, all its contents are genuine,  unique    and something to rely on 100%. Unily is also know for its consistency and loyalty.

You can Contact us via email at ikpaulcn@gmail.com or