A clean house is regularly vacuumed. You do not have to be scared because, of course, this differs from house to house. Do you have pets then you will vacuum a little more often and you are almost never home than maybe even once a week is more than sufficient for you? If you do not do that and you suck through with a dirty dust filter or full bag, the suction power will be considerably reduced and your device will consume a lot of power. There are various types are listed below: <a href=””>No Fluff Tech </a> This will be useful for getting more tips about gadgets and laptops.

• The Operation of the Device

The vacuum cleaner is an invention that has considerably illuminated the domestic tasks. we give you an insight into the parts of the machines. We are going to take care of both the outside and the inside.

Inside, the machine has a reservoir, filters, an engine and a pump, also called fan. The engine allows the fan to move, allowing air, dust and dirt to be sucked in with great force. This air is blown out at the back of the device. The dust and the absorbed dirt remain in the appliance by means of filters, a reservoir or a dust bag. Dizziness and deposits on your household appliance shorten the life of the appliance. Moreover, he often does not clean properly. Fortunately, you can often solve this yourself very easily.


• Clean The Outside

Before we start cleaning, pull the plug out of the socket. It sounds a bit redundant, but just to be sure, check it out. Electricity and water do not go together and safety for everything. Externally you clean all vacuum cleaners in the same way. The type or model does not play a role, so this cleaning method is also suitable for a stick vacuum cleaner or robot vacuum cleaner. You also do not need much. Namely only a slightly damp (not wet) soft cloth, a dry cloth, a little container and a little bit of cleaning agent. You gently rub the slightly damp cloth over the surface of the machine. This way you can easily remove all dust, dirt and stains.

• Clean The Hose and Fittings

The removable hose can also be cleaned with a damp cloth and thus in the same way. You can usually also easily unplug this vacuum cleaner hose and soak it in a bucket of soapy water. Then rinse under the shower and let it dry again. This way you clean the hose both inside and out. Once the hose has dried, simply click it back on the appliance. In order to get him completely dry, you can also attach the <a href=””>hose </a> to most vacuum cleaners at the back, i.e. at the outlet of the machine. You can also keep it in place by hand. The machine dries it well from the inside by blowing air through it.

• Replace Dust Bag

If you allow the dust bag to become full or the appliance with a dust container does not empty it regularly, it becomes too full. The result is that the engine does suck but the dust and dirt cannot be lost. In the worst case, your machine can also break down due to overheating. Prevention is better than cure and since we are already doing a good job we just continue.

• Empty The Dust Container

A vacuum cleaner without a bag also requires maintenance. At a given moment, the bin in which the dust and dirt is collected is full and must therefore be emptied. You do not have to wait anyway, but you can simply empty the dust container for example monthly or twice a month.

• Clean or Replace Filters: The Engine Filter

The filter is one of the most important parts for the proper functioning of the appliance: keeping your rooms dust-free. You can periodically clean or replace the filters. Is the filter really blocked and if you hear a high whistling sound when you are sucking, then you are already too late?

The exhaust filter is located on the back of the device. A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that you can recognize by a frame with fine holes (raster) is specially designed for people with dust allergy. There are also filters of fleece or foam.

• Clean or Replace Filters: The Water Filter

Finally, there are also water filters. We are not talking about a vacuum cleaner but still vacuum cleaner or regular vacuum cleaners. In the machine there is a small reservoir with water. The sucked in air is fed into the machine along the water filter, which then holds the dust particles. The filter consists of a small bowl with water and is easy to slide in and out.

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