How to make over #10,000 every week from #500 with Viraltrend

How to make over #10,000 every week from #500

Hey everyone,

Today i will share with you how you can make lots of money with just N500 investment.

Wait for it

I give you the latest and best money making platform VIRALTRENDall you have to do to make money on viraltrend is to like posts presented to you,  comment, follow a instagram or twitter page also subscribe to YouTube channels even referrals it not compulsory though. well let’s get down to how it works.

How ViralTrend works

1. Viral trend pays you to do the following social media tasks:

  • A. Following our advertisers or clients on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. We presently pay as much as N10 per one follow…. wow!!!
  • B. We pay you to like our client’s photos, like in photo contests, page posts, Facebook & Twitter likes.
  • C. We pay you to subscribe to our client’s or advertisers YouTube channels.
  • D. We pay you to watch few seconds videos across all social media.

NOTE: we get you tasks when our clients PR advertisers pay to advertise with us.

Make money on ViralTrend

How To Register

1. Click here to register ( pls use Chrome or Mozilla browsers, it is better).

Also choose PROMOTE and EARN while registering except you are registering as a Client.

The website sends you a verification link to the email address that you just registered with.

Log into your email and click on ‘verify email’.

2. Now log into the website and link all your social media accounts.

To link, first log into your social media accounts using same browser, preferably Mozilla Firefox eg. facebook, instagram, twitter.

Then log into to the site and click ‘link’
Note: to link YouTube, simply login to your gmail account from gmail using same Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.


You can also skip the linking and continue from your profile, till when you are done with your registration.

3. Click Next, choose a plan: Basic is N500 and Premium is N2500 and pay.

You will see account details to pay into.

Wait to Get approved, its takes 30minutes to 1 hour and you are good to go.

You can now see social media tasks on your dashboard immediately.

Perform tasks and start earning.

Note: While performing tasks, always choose browser, preferably, Mozilla Firefox to complete, and don’t close tab as the website will take you to the task. You perform it and within 20-40 seconds brings you back by itself to your dashboard and credits you immediately…


(Referring is not a must, but for those who want to make huge money).

Apart from making money from social media tasks, referring has much more money.

This is easy as registration fee is affordable.

BASIC members earn 30% commission on direct referrals and get 5% bonus commission from their downlines.

PREMIUM members earn 50% commission on direct referrals and get extra 10% bonus commission from their downlines.

Plus grants as your network grows.

Note, on completion of registration, same registration fee goes back into your grant account, though not withdrawable but grows your grants.

Wow Right!!

Note that grants is for those referring only… And referring here isn’t a must but make you money.

NOTE: Viral Trend is not a ponzi or a get rich quick scheme…. We are fully registered… So relax we aren’t going anywhere.

Don’t stand and look at others as they are already making money…. Turn your social media accounts and mobile phone to your bank accounts.

Join now and register. Congrats in advance.

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If you have any questions leave it the comment box below and also share with your friends and family.

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